Terms and Conditions of Participation


Buy-Sellers have become a scourge on Art Festivals. These people have become increasingly clever in their applications and often show documentation that they are the artist or craftsperson. This makes it very difficult to prove. We wish to do everything we can to deter buy-sell at Artisanville. If it is discovered by the Committee that you are a Buy-Sell / Production exhibitor, you will be immediately expelled from the Festival without refund and not allowed to participate in any other Artisanville shows.
If you are a Buy-Sell / Production exhibitor, save your money and our time and please don’t apply. Please don’t apply if you:
  • Buy work and try to sell it as your own
  • Have a factory or a team that makes the work under your direction
  • You plan on having a representative/agent staff your booth
  • Make work from kits or assemble other people’s work into something else


  • Artisanville requires artists to be present and available during festival hours (which include both members of a collaborating team).
  • Artists who breakdown and leave early before closing time on any day of the event will compromise their standing with Artisanville and may forfeit their ability to exhibit in a future Artisanville show. This is only acceptable if there is an emergency and proof must be provided.
  • An exhibit must feature original, handcrafted art, created by the artist or collaborative team who applied to the festival. They cannot exhibit or sell subcontracted work for another artist. An artist must guarantee that the work presented is authentic and must reflect the quality and craftsmanship of the pieces presented in their application.
  • Artists must exhibit artwork specific to the categories indicated on their applications and artwork that clearly relates to the body of work selected during the jury process.
  • Each artist must provide enough work to exhibit and sell during the entire time of the art fair and all work must be available for sale.
  • Personal sound systems or generators are prohibited.
  • No open flames are permitted at this show.
  • The event takes no commission for any art sales from the vendors.


Artists can sell reproductions, but they must be clearly labeled and identified as the image of an original. They must be able to provide buyers with information that discloses the process used to create reproductions if asked.


Collaborating exhibitors may apply as a single entry only. No more than two (2) exhibitors working as a team may collaborate in the design and creation of any artwork submitted with the application or chosen to display at the Festival. Assistants, employees, office or other support staff are NOT considered to be collaborators. If an artist has a helper who assists the exhibitor with frames, setup, selling, paperwork, etc., but she/he is NOT producing the work under his/her own or team name, this person is NOT a collaborator, though he or she may certainly assist at the Festival. If accepted, only one (1) booth will be issued, and only finished work that is the result of the collaborative process may be displayed and sold. In this context this two-person team is considered a single exhibitor.


Normally only work of one exhibitor may be displayed in one booth unless it is produced by a two-person team, which is then considered a “single exhibitor.  If you have an special situation, than please contact the Artisanville team and we will consider it based on each case.


  • No helium-filled balloons are permitted on the premises
  • No adhesive backed stickers may be used or distributed.
  • The Greenville Convention Center is a smoke-free environment. Absolutely no smoking is allowed anywhere in the building.
  • Any promotional signage must be confined to the rented booth space.
  • No nails, screws, permanent tape, or drilling of holes are permitted on Convention Hall columns, walls or floors unless prior permission is given by the Greenville Convention Center General Manager. The exhibiting artist will be responsible for all damage to the floor, walls, or other parts of the Greenville Convention Center caused by them or his / her assistants and shall promptly reimburse the Greenville Convention Center all costs arising out of such damage.
  • No soliciting in the aisles is permitted. Artists must remain within their booth space.


Free parking is available for Artists.  On Saturday, each Artist booth will receive one parking pass for the public lot.  On Sunday, the public parking is free for everyone, so no pass will be needed.   There also will be an designated Artist area for long term RV and trailer parking. Please be aware that there is no hook-ups for RVs. Information for an additional discounted RV campsite location will be provided, which will have water and sewage hookups available. If you plan on using the onsite parking for either an RV or trailer, you must fill out the RV/Trailer form provided to you upon check-in at which time you will receive a pass for the lot.   


A wait list will be maintained. Artists need to confirm that they would like to remain on the waitlist. They will be notified via phone and/or email, and offered space upon availability and could be called up to one day prior to the event starting date. If there is a cancellation or opening, artists will be contacted in the order that they have been placed on the waitlist. Their spot will be permanently reserved once the booth payment is received.


Artists who have not checked-in by Friday at 6:00 p.m. will be considered a “no-show” unless you have notified us in advance that you will be checking in on Saturday morning or have contacted us that you have had an unexpected delay. (Saturday morning check-ins will only have from 7 am – 9 am to get set up). “No Show” artists are not eligible for a credit and may not be allowed to participate in Artisanville in future shows. Assigned space(s) will be forfeited to a wait-listed artist if possible.


If an Artist has to cancel, they will be eligible for a booth credit towards the next year’s show (minus a $30 change out fee).  This is if the following conditions are met: (1) Artisanville has been given at least 45 days written notice and (2) Artisanville is able to fill the open booth space with another artist of the same medium from the waitlist. If those two conditions are not met then the Artist is not entitled to any credit. (Refunds for electricity and anything ordered through the decorator must be dealt with directly through those vendors. Artisanville is not responsible for them but will assist if at all possible.)
If an Exhibitor has a last minute personal or immediate family emergency, an Artisanville representative must be contacted as soon as possible (by calling the festival contact number) and then the circumstances/proof must be documented in writing to be considered for any type of credit. The credit will solely be the decision of the Festival Committee based on the information and documentation (ie: hospital records, etc…) provided.
The festival does not credit for cancellation due to inclement weather or other acts beyond its control. We do have a separate policy if the show is cancelled because of COVID-19 restrictions. Please contact Artisanville for details. All decisions are final.


Exhibitors are responsible for collecting and reporting all State of Greenville and Greenville County sales taxes (6%). The taxes collected will need to be submitted to the South Carolina Department of Revenue upon completion of the show. If you do not already have a South Carolina Sales Tax Identification Number, you will need to obtain one in order to participate in the show. There are two options for you to choose from.
(1) You can purchase a South Carolina business license which is good indefinitely until you choose to close it out. It will cost $50.  This is a good choice if you are doing many shows in South Carolina which require a retail license.  Please note with this type you will also be required to report monthly or quarterly to the SC department of revenue on any income you have made….even if it is $0.
(2) You can purchase a temporary South Carolina retail license which is only good this one show.  It costs $20 and only requires you to submit your sales tax earnings after Artisanville is over for this year. 
See the Applications / Forms tab- “South Carolina Retail License” for instructions on how to apply for either one of these options. This will need to be done no sooner then 90 days prior to the show (unless you plan on using it for another show in South Carolina). Your tax number will need to be submitted to Artisanville by October 15th as the show is required to submit this information to the South Carolina Department of Revenue by the last week of October.  
If per chance you do not receive your number by the the due date or even before the time Artisanville occurs, then please just bring a copy of your submission documentation with you to Artisanville to show the tax representative onsite.  
Show Management has acquired the necessary business license from the City of Greenville for each Exhibitor booth, so you will not need to acquire a separate city license. The cost is included in your booth rental fee.


Show Management carries no insurance on Exhibitor’s property and will not be liable for any loss or damage to Exhibitors property.


There will be a paid Security Officer and Medical Staff available during the primary hours of the show. The Convention Center also provides security personnel for the building perimeter as wells as internal patrols. The Convention Hall will be locked up every night after artists have exited and will not be available to any Greenville Convention Center Staff until the following day during working hours.