A variety of booth sizes are available at different rates. Each booth will have a back wall provided, created with white pipe and drape that will be 8 feet high. You will need to provide curtains or a wall like partition for yourself to define your display space from your neighbors.  If you don't have any of these options, please send an email to when you have been accepted.  The Artisanville team will try their best to place you next to other exhibitors who do have walls, in order to save you an additional charge.  Side drapes may be rented from the decorator for a minimal fee.  (See Application / Additional Forms / Decorator Request Form). 
Displays must be professional and aesthetically pleasing. Exhibitors are to provide their own displays, racks and/or tables in order to show their work.  All tables must have a covering that reaches the floor so that nothing underneath can be seen.
The goal is to make your booth look like a “mini” art gallery or individual shop. Flooring is polished concrete so you are required to provide some type of floor covering for your booth. Tables, chairs, and floor covering are available to rent if needed. (See Application / Additional Forms / Decorator Request Form).
Nothing may extend into aisles or doorways. This includes your display, chairs and sales counters. Please plan accordingly. If you use a tent in your booth, no roofs are allowed, just the tent frame.
Electricity is available and highly recommended because of the high fluorescent lights in the ceiling. Electricity must be ordered through the Greenville Convention Center. The cost is $70. (See Application / Additional Forms / Electrical Request Form). You have to insert the festival dates in order to get this price. DON'T WAIT for your actual booth number (which will be assigned closer to the show date).  You don't need it...the convention center will match you up later with this number.
A reminder email will be sent about requesting electricity. Electricity must be requested no later than 3 weeks prior to the festival start date in order to prevent an additional charge. 
By order of the Fire Marshal, all electrical extension cords must be heavy duty, (the three prong type). The Fire Marshal will be doing an impromptu inspection before the beginning of the show and any exhibitor not in compliance will be notified and asked to make any necessary changes.


There is an assortment of different booth sizes available. Please also ask, if there is another variation that is needed for your set up. We are willing to work with you. 
Single Booth A with a Front or Back Column (10' W x 10' L - Column will take up approximately 1.5 feet x 1.5 feet of a booth corner) –$210
Single Booth A (10' W x 10' L) – $250
Single Booth A with corner (10' W x 10' L) – $300
Single Booth A with a corner and 1 column (10' W x 10' L) –$260
Single Booth B (15' W x 9' L) –$300
Single Booth B with corner (15' W x 9' L) – $350


Location of artist spaces will be determined by the Artisanville team to maximize visual impact with every effort being made to accommodate artist requests when ever possible; however, there is no guarantee of a particular placement.  Artists will be notified of actual specific booth assignment (#) prior to the beginning of the show. Artists are not allowed to swap booth locations.


Once the Artist’s application has been accepted, they may choose their booth size through the ZAPP system.  This process will require full payment at this time.  If the Artist is unable to make the full payment, a payment plan can be arranged.  Please contact the Artisanville staff for this option. The remaining balance will be due no later than September 1, 2020 or the booth space and deposit may be forfeited.