Decorator Request Information and

If you need to rent tables, curtain sides for your booth, chairs, floor coverings, etc. then contact “Carolina Trade Show Decorators” for your request and pricing.  Use email:
Here is a breakdown of all the prices. Decorator Order Sheet
Email Mary above with questions and requests
To order Electricity for your booth, click on the following to access the form on the Convention center website.  You DON’T need your booth number at this time.
Please note: You must put in the dates of the festival in order to get the $70.00 electrical fee price.
Click on the following link for the form:
NOTE: Be sure not to complete it until late August unless you have other shows in South Carolina.  
Tips for filling out the form: There is additional information needed on these forms and some may not apply to you, but be sure you select the following at least:
(1) If you are choosing to apply for a long term South Carolina Business License for multiple shows: 
  • Select “Retails Sales Accommidations’s License” ($50)
  • #8 – Select “Seasonal” and on then put in the months you will be doing shows in South Carolina.
  • #10 -Select “Artists and Craftmen – 45”
(2) If you are choosing to apply for a South Carolina Retail License to use only at Artisanville each year:
  • Select “Artist & Craftsman’s License” ($20)
  • #8 – Select “Seasonal” and on then put in the month of the November.
  • #10 -Select “Artists and Craftmen – 45”